Ultrasound is a technique which uses sound waves of high frequency to produce images.

Different parts of the body respond differently when high-frequency ultrasonic waves are passed through them. When ultrasound waves are passed through the body, many tissues reflect sound waves partially and transmit the rest, which are then reflected back from deeper structures. The reflected waves are measured and depending on the time it takes for them to return, the depth of the echo is decided - the intensity decides the greyness of the area.

Ultrasound is used in many parts of the body, specifically to view the fetus, for other gynecological abnormalities and to view the abdomen, orbits, thyroid gland, breast, testes, etc.

There is no known danger to the use of ultrasound.

We are performing Ultrasound Guided Biopsy, aspiration, drainage, FNAC and other interventional radiological procedures

We have female radiologist to do female ultrasound on regular days till 3 PM.

General Instructions

  • There is no specific preparation for ultrasound of Breast, neck, local parts, joints, skull.
  • Abdominal/Gall Bladder Ultrasound Preparation Instructions:
    • - Nothing to eat or drink after midnight prior to the examination
    • - Medication may be taken with a small amount of water
    • - Allow 30 minutes for the exam
  • Renal, Obstetrical and Pelvic Ultrasound Preparation Instructions:
    • - A FULL BLADDER IS ESSENTIAL for these examinations. If the instructions are not followed, another appointment will have to be made.
    • - You may eat regular meals.
    • - One and a half hours (90 min) before your appointment time, drink 4 glasses of water. The water MUST BE FINISHED one hour before your appointment time.
    • - Do not go to the washroom until after your examination.
    • - Carry your old reports.
  • For your own comfort it is recommended that you wear loose clothing or outfits that are easily removed.