CT Scan

CT uses X-rays to perform its work. These X-rays come from an X-ray tube which is placed inside a square machine called the gantry. The part of your body to be scanned goes inside a hole in this gantry.

All parts of the body can be scanned with CT. For each part, there are specific indications or reasons for scanning. Your referring doctor and the consultant radiologist are the best judges of the usefulness of CT scanning in a specific situation and areas.

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General Instructions

  • What are the standard instructions that the patient should follow?
  • There is only first come first serve appointment system. All emergency patients will be attended on priority basis.
  • Please get all the old X-rays, Sonography, CT and MR films along with the other papers, operative notes, discharge cards, etc. relevant to the case.
  • Please come fasting for at least four hours, prior to the scan.
  • There should, preferably be an accompanying friend or relative.
  • Please inform the doctor, nurse or the receptionist, if you are at high risk for "dye" injection, i.e. if you have a history of drug reactions, bronchial asthma, cardiac or kidney disease, etc.
  • Please inform the doctor, nurse or the receptionist if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant.
  • Please do not wear any heavy cosmetics and ornaments.
  • For your own comfort it is recommended that you wear loose clothing or outfits that are easily removed.